Basement Solutions New Jersey Ensuring The Best Results

testimonialsNo doubt at some point in your life, you have heard some of the horror stories about homeowners’ unfortunate experiences with contractors hired to renovate their homes. Examples range from contractors who lied about their resumes to even more unscrupulous individuals who use their contracts as a chance to scout homes for even more nefarious purposes.

However, there is much that homeowners can do to protect themselves while securing the services of skilled and experienced professionals, not least because said professionals share the same interest in ensuring that homeowners can find them.

Here are some simple methods for ensuring the best results from your basement waterproofing contractor:

• One of the earliest steps is ensuring that the contractor has both the skills and experience needed to complete the home renovation to perfection. In most cases, this should be as simple as checking to make sure that the contractor has the right certifications from the right professional bodies. This is because professional bodies exist to promote the interest of their members, meaning that their certification programs tend to be rigorous to ensure that said certifications are meaningful. Of course, you should still spare the effort to make sure that the professional bodies live up to their claims, unless you are familiar with them from previous interactions.

• Once you have made sure that the contractor is capable of renovating your home, you can secure some insight into the excellence of said contractor’s services by researching the opinions of past clients. Consulting the Better Business Bureau is one of the easiest methods to research said opinions, not least because its website is both accessible and simple to use. Be sure to read through reviews, check for the existence of complaints, and if complaints exist, make sure to look into how the contractor handled them.

• How a contractor approaches the assignment is another issue in need of careful consideration. Rushing potential clients into making a decision is a serious warning sign, not least because it is easier for homeowners to slip up without having time to mull over relevant information. Instead, reliable contractors will work with homeowners to learn about their intentions for the home renovation, provide them with recommendations using their expertise, and ensure that said homeowners make informed decisions. Furthermore, reliable contractors will be professional about their services, which ensures that potential disputes can be handled in an efficient but mature manner. For example, verbal contracts are not as useful as contracts that have been set on paper.

• On a final note, reliable contractors will also have measures in place to protect both them and their clients in case of problems. For example, make sure that the contract includes a warranty for both materials and workmanship.

For a contractor with many years of experience and many positive reviews, contact Select Basement Waterproofing.

Basement Flooded Sump Pump Not Working

sump pump

When you walk down into your basement and see that it’s flooded, it can ruin your whole day. The first questions you usually ask yourself are “What happened and how do I fix it?” Most likely, your sump pump stopped working. This is the cause of all your woes. When your sump pump fails, water that would normally be routed away from your basement is left to flood and cause havoc instead.

Normal Design

It is normal for water to invade basements to some extent. Because of the way they are built, ground water easily seeps in. The purpose of your sump pump is to collect this invasive water and route it away from your home. Unfortunately, sump pumps are simple machines that are often prone to failing. The motors or other parts wear out over time, leaving you with the flooded aftermath and possibly damaged valuables or appliances that were stored in your basement.


To prevent this from ever happening again, your best bet is you stop relying on sump pumps to keep your basement dry. Instead, look into having your basement waterproofed.

By waterproofing your basement, ground water will be drained before it ever reaches your basement. Because of this highly technical process, it’s best to skip the urge to do it yourself and bring in the professionals instead.

Select Basement Waterproofing will take the steps to ensure your basement will not grow mold. Basements are usually dark, damp places; the perfect spot for mold to grow. By keeping your basement dry with proper waterproofing, you won’t have to worry about mold growth causing issues with your allergies or overall health.


With a thermal armor vapor barrier professionally installed, you will be able to delight in lower energy bills. Having such a well-insulated basement will keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter so you don’t have to spend extra money keeping your basement climate controlled. Your basement will practically take care of itself and save you money along the way.

Sooner Is Better Than Later

With so many benefits to waterproofing your basement, it would be silly to put it off any longer. You will never have to rely on sump pumps to keep your basement dry again. Our experts will walk you through every step of the waterproofing process and deliver results and service you can enjoy for years to come with the added bonus of reduced cost in energy bills and possibly lower insurance rates on your home and valuables. If you’re located in New Jersey, contact Select Basement Waterproofing today.

Waterproofing Basement Cost For A Usual Job

costsThere are many costs for waterproofing a basement. This is because moisture can enter your basement through different ways and for a wide range of reasons.

There are several ways you can waterproof a basement when you know leaking is the source of the moisture in your home.

Condensation problems that will lead you to believe there is some sort of leaking in your basement. In this case, it may be easy as improving your ventilation and using a dehumidifier in the area. Most dehumidifier systems will range around $250.

Seepage. The most common reason for water in a basement is the appearance of cracks and leaks in floors and/or walls of the basement. You can install a baseboard drain leading to a sump pump that will remove all of the water mechanically. The drains can cost between $10 and $25 a square foot.

Sealing. The leaks or cracks can be mended instead of simply removing the water which is the best way to waterproof a basement permanently. There are many ways in which this can be accomplished:

Excavating the foundation walls and sealing the cracks with a rubberized compound. The costs for the materials are minimal and it is the labor involved that will make the project expensive. A small back hoe is usually necessary and the installation of new fill is also a part of the project. It could cost between $5,000 and $10,000 for these types of projects.

Installing curtain drains is another way to redirect ground water away from your home. This requires excavation, sealing with a moisture barrier and the placement of footer drains that will direct ground water away from your foundation. These projects usually exceed $10,000.

Sealing from inside of your home can easily help you identify where water is entering your basement and you can then use professional grade sealants to try to prevent the water from entering through cracks. This is the most economical way to seal your basement. These sealants range in prices of close to $20 a gallon.

Additional Costs

Gutters. You may be getting water in your basement due to a lack of gutters on your home or because of the downspouts are directing water towards the foundation of your home. This is a very low cost way to waterproof your basement.

Windows. There are some basement window wells that collect water that leaks into the basement. This is easy as installing covers to eliminate the problem instantly.

The exact cost it will be to waterproof your basement may vary depending on how you want to handle your problem and/or the size of your basement. To get a free estimate, call Select Basement Waterproofing today at 1-877-548-3889 and let us help you restore your basement today at a cheaper cost.

Vulcan Waterproofing vs Select Basement Waterproofing

workerLeaky basements are not only visually unappealing and inconvenient, they can even be dangerous. Water damage can cause structural problems, destroy electrical systems and promote the growth of mold. Black mold can be deadly, especially to anyone with respiratory issues or compromised immune systems.

To protect your family and your home while you also keep your basement functional, you need to professionally waterproof your basement. There are various methods to accomplish this, but one of the best available processes on the market today is offered through Select Basement Waterproofing.


The benefits to the system used by Select are many. They have a multi-step approach which addresses all of the reasons basements leak and how to prevent future incidents. It will help to drain away any water that is remaining, solve the issue which has caused or allowed the water to come in and prevent new water from entering after clean-up and repairs are completed.


Their method of waterproofing makes the area drier and safer from mold, without releasing radon into the air. They will fix any structural issues, including cracks or crevices contributing to the problem.

The Process

They generally begin by digging out a ditching or drain around the perimeter of the interior of the basement to allow proper drainage. This will also assist with relieving water pressure between the interior and exterior of the house.

Enough sump pumps of the proper size will be installed to remove existing water and continue to drain any build up. Frequently only one sump pump is installed.

Once the flooding or leaking issue has been addressed and walls are repaired, a coating is applied to prevent mold. Over this coating insulation is installed. The installation is actually a Thermal Armor Vapor Barrier. This is a wonderfully efficient way to reduce heating and cooling costs while preventing condensation. It also has an engineered path built into the product which allows drainage and manages any condensation.

50 Years!

Another step they perform, which is often neglected by other companies is the installation of a floor and wall membrane. This amazing product permanently seals all floor cracks and guarantees a dry floor for at least 50 years. The product is sprayed on the surface and creates a solid, hard finish in five minutes. It never needs to be painted and will not chip, crack or peel.

Finally, for basements which have been wet for an extended period of time a dehumidifier is recommended. Select Basement Waterproofing offers a large inventory or reliable dehumidifiers which will keep damp basements comfortable and will eliminate any musty smell left behind from previous leaks or flooding.

Contact Select Basement Waterproofing 609-548-3889 to help you gain control of your basement moisture issues and expand your living space comfortably and safely.

Specific Rules For Basement Waterproofing In New Jersey

waterproofing rulesKeeping your basement dry in a high-moisture environment is critical to preserving the integrity of your foundation, as well as preventing illness and costly property damage. Simply sealing the walls is not sufficient to remedy the problem. You first need to determine how water is getting in, and fix that first.

Some aspects of water control you may not have much control over; property that slopes downward toward your home may be cost-prohibitive to remedy. However, you can take some simple steps that may alleviate the problem before paying for professional intervention.

  • A dehumidifier will remove excess moisture from the air. If you’re still seeing moisture, you may have an issue with leakage and need to check your property for the cause.
  • Check that there are no plantings right up against the house foundation. Allow at minimum of twelve inches of clearance between plants and the side of the house. Ensure that all downspouts empty at least five feet or more away from the house. Keep rainwater away from the foundation.
  • Check your basement for any obvious cracks, defects or places where water is getting in, and repair them. Home improvement stores carry products such as epoxy designed to repair non-structural cracks. Structural cracks will require professional assessment and repair, but minor cracks and defects in masonry can be patched with kits.
  • For a do-it-yourself project, you can waterproof your basement with a sealer designed for concrete or brick. There are several products on the market designed for this. The cost depends on the size of your basement, but will start at $30 and go up from there.
  • A finished basement will be more difficult to seal, as you’ll need to get down to the masonry first. A silicate-based sealer can be painted over, and penetrates the concrete for a durable seal. Acrylic formulas are easier to use, but do not provide the coverage that a standard gallon of paint provides; if you opt for acrylic, pay attention to the square footage of your walls and purchase enough to cover with two full coats. Concrete waterproof coating is very durable, and can be applied with various finishes for a decorative look, or painted over. They cannot be applied to previously painted surfaces.
  • If your area has a high water table (check your county water level at this site: consider installing a sump pump to extract water from below the foundation before it gets in. This may require a professional to install, depending on your basement construction, and can start at $3,000.
  • If you are still having moisture issues, a professional injection of Bentonite clay or the installation of a French drain may be required. Neither is so-it-yourself project, and can start at $15,000.

Guaranteed professional services are available at Select Basement Waterproofing phone number 877-548-3889. We guarantee your basement will be leak free for years to come.

How To Find A Leak In Your Basement

finished basementIf you are concerned with water leakage in your basement, there a few helpful tips to guide you safe as you find the problem. Finding a water leak in your basement is easier than you think. With the correct tools such as a flash light, you can successfully find and get help fixing the leak so it doesn’t become a bigger problem.


Carefully seek out any cracks that may be close to the visible water. These cracks will eventually lead you to your bigger leak. Use a flash light to carefully notice grooves in the wall that are unlike the ones that are normally present, especially along the bottom or tops of the walls. Not all major leaks lead to a huge crack so be prepared to seek smaller cracks as well.

White Substances

Another sign of a leaks is noticing a white, discolored substance called efflorescence that is around the cracks in the walls. It harmless and noticeable along the lines of the cracks or on the concrete. If you notice this substance anywhere in your basement, it is soon enough that you will see where the leak.


Finished walls that are peeling or bubble up to the surface is a sure sign that you have a leak. Finished basements that might have had newly painted walls oftentimes have leaks that cause tears and bubble from the moisture. This is an easy sign that the leak is nearby.

Mold or Mildew

Spots on your ceiling or walls will indicate if there is too much moisture in the air from a leak. Mold and mildew grow in a moist environment and are easy to spot although can become hazardous down the road if not taken care of right away.


Check the tiles of wood paneling on the floors of the basement. Chances are if there are lifted tiles or wood, there is water very close by. Having rust around anything that may pertain to metal is a strong sign of leakage.


Be sure to thoroughly check the water heater and furnace for rust or leaks so ensure that there are any damages that need to be taken care of. Water supply lines, pipes and sinks usually contain hidden leaks and most people don’t always think to look in these obvious places. Toilets that continuously run can cause leaks in the basement as well. Check your plumbing.

The Plastic Test

If you have already exhausted all of your options and you are still unsure of the whereabouts of the water leak, try this simple and easy test. Take a large square plastic sheet and tape it to the concrete floor, leaving it for one whole day. After the whole 24 hour time has passed, remove a large corner side of the plastic. If there is a water leak, you will notice droplets of water gathered underneath the plastic. It will have gathered a lot of moisture.

Still can find the source of the leak or it is a constant problem? Call Select Basement Waterproofing at 877-548-3889. We guarantee your basement will be leak free for years to come.

Protecting Your Basement In South Jersey With Basement Waterproofing

happy south jersey familyThe basement is susceptible to a great amount of damage from rain, and it doesn’t have to be a flood that causes this damage. Any time water stands in an area there is a risk of mold, mildew and of course destruction of the home and the things that you value the most. Small amounts of water can greatly affect this as much as large amounts.

Protect Your Home

Basement waterproofing is the one and only way that you can ensure your home will remain free of damage and provide you with many years of continuous use and enjoyment. Basement waterproofing is essential for those homes in areas prone to raining and flooding.

Some of the many basement waterproofing benefits that you will attain include the following:

  • Home damage protection: No worries that water will seep into the basement and damage the foundation of the home. This is one of the biggest concerns with water damage in the basement.
  • Prevents Mold Growth: Waterproofing the basement is the one and only way that you can maintain the good health of yourself and your family. As you are probably already aware, mold can cause many health and breathing problems. Why take this risk?
  • Increase the Value of the Home: With basement waterproofing you can increase the value of the home since you are taking preventative measures in your home becoming damaged.
  • Makes the basement livable: When waterproofing has taken place you can be sure that you have the added room that you want and need.
  • Protect belongings: No worries that your personal belongings will become damaged as the result of the water.

As you can see there are numerous benefits that will be found with basement waterproofing. It is a service that all homeowners will greatly benefit from, and something that should not be put off any longer than need be.

Easy and Beneficial Job

Waterproofing is not difficult to do, nor is it time consuming. In as little as a few hours of time you could add this solid protection to your life and never have to worry that harm will come your way.

There are many different basement waterproofing companies can handle the process of waterproofing for you, regardless of the size of the basement or the area of town that you reside in. It is a good idea to request an estimate from a few of these companies before you hire someone for the project. This will help you get the best price on the best services that you can instill for your home. Do not put off basement waterproofing another day. It is just too important to miss out on.

We offer reliable basement waterproofing at affordable prices; visit our website or call 877-548-3889 and see what we can do for you!

7 Tips For Fair Estimates In Basement Waterproofing NJ

nj basementBefore initiating basement waterproofing in your New Jersey home you must first find the best company to handle the need. There is no shortage of companies available to handle the job, but unfortunately not all of these companies are created the same. The wrong waterproofing company may not do the job right and cause more stress and headache that you do not want to endure. If that were not bad enough, the wrong company could really put a damper on the bank account. Thus, the estimate is one of the most important steps that you can take before hiring a basement waterproofing company.

Free estimates are provided by any reputable basement waterproofing company in the area. To obtain one, all you need to do is ask. But even then how can you be sure that you are getting a fair estimate? Take a look at these 7 tips and put them to good use when it is a good waterproofing job that you seek.

1. Give all of the Details of the Job

If you are not accurate with the details of the job, how can you expect to receive an accurate estimate for it? Make sure that you have the exact details so you know exactly what you will pay and the waterproofing company knows just what to expect.

2. Get Several Estimates

Obtaining several different estimates from various NJ waterproofing companies will help you determine if you are paying the right price or being taken advantage of. It is recommended that no less than three estimates be obtained.

3. Avoid using Subcontractors

Companies that use subcontractors may not be able to guarantee you any type of price so it is best to avoid such a scenario.

4. Meet the Waterproofing Company in Person

Calling the NJ waterproofing team out to the home so they can look and evaluate things themselves is also a good idea. They will have first-hand knowledge of the scene and what it will take to make it right so there are no questions concerning its accuracy.

5. Do Your Homework

By doing your homework you can be sure to find a legitimate company that will exceed your standards. Find out how long the company has been in business, check references and ask others in the community.

6. Get the Job Done Right Away

The longer you delay basement waterproofing the more that it will take to repair. Do not delay the job and you will get the best price.

7. Ask for Flat Rates

Some basement waterproofing companies offer flat rates, and these can definitely be worth your while. Inquire about this type of fee.

If you are in need of basement waterproofing for your NJ home, visit this website and give us a call at 877-548-3889 to get the fair estimate you deserve.

New Jersey’s Best Basement Waterproofing Company

select basement waterproofingWhen you need to find a basement waterproofing company, look no further. Rated A+ by the business bureau since 1991. Customers have trusted us with all their basement waterproofing in New Jersey needs since 1991. We do not use scare tactics to get sales. We offer genuine customer service, you can trust!

Fair Quotes

We do not quote unnecessary work, or over charge our customers. We value all of New Jersey and want your repeat business. Using the best contractors with extensive knowledge, we will never send a third party contractor to your home or business. Our customers deserve the best.


Discounted rates vs competitors, up to 40% cheaper. However, we are not sacrificing on quality going above and beyond. Our customers, tell us we are cleaner, more friendly and offer more quality service than any competitors in the industry.

Lifetime Warranty

Select Basement Waterproofing service comes with a free lifetime warranty. It is 100% fully transferable if the home is sold. As with all of the services offered, before getting service, you are entitled to a free estimate. We will finish the job quickly and on budget.

Fix Mold Issues

One of the reasons waterproofing your basement is so vital to your family’s well being is mold can make you and your family feel very sick. Mold can cause symptoms such as allergies, colds, memory loss, sneezing, bloody noses, coughing, chronic migraines, asthma, skin rashes, hear loss and much more. There can be other symptoms, however these are the most popular.

Stellar Customer Service

When you contact us at Select Basement Waterproofing, you can feel secure in that we will answer your call in a friendly way, treat you with respect, and handle your basement or mold issue promptly. We thrive to provide you with an obligation free quote tailored to your specific problem, and not a cookie cutter pricing one size fits all. When you trust us with your basement needs, you can rest assured the technician will be high trained to be able to handle your situation. They will not rush through the examination of your home, however, will not hang around longer than needed.

Since 1991

Find out why we have been trusted to provide New Jersey’s basement waterproofing since 1991. We can help you repair, remodel or get rid of mold. Call us at 609-548-3889, for your free, no obligation quote that will be tailored to your individual situation. All the work preformed is backed by a free lifetime warranty. Even if you sell your home, the warranty is transferable to the new owner. If you call us today, we, together can solve your basement problems.